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Abington, William. "H.E. Bates' Association with Higham Ferrers" (Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire Life, February 1979, 41-42, attached).

Alderson, Frederick. "Bates Country: A Memoir of H.E. Bates" (London Magazine, July 1979, 31-42, attached).

Baker, Brock. "H.E. Bates, Storyteller" (The New Criterion, March 1988, p. 72-73).

Baker, Dudley. "Hat-trick Author" (John Bull, November 6, 1948, 15).

Balkwill, Michael. "The Short Story and H.E. Bates" (New Clarion, April 15, 1933, attached)

Billen, Andrew. "Slim-line sex in the City" (New Statesman November 5, 2001, p. 46).

Braddock, Joseph. "H.E." (Woman's Journal, June 1959, 12-15, 105, attached).

Braddock, Hoseph. "H.E. Bates: The Man and the Storyteller" Books and Bookmen, May 1956, 7, 9, attached).

Braddock, Joseph. "H.E. Bates's War Stories" (Fortnightly Review, March 1949, 205-6, attached)

Church, Richard. "A Rosette for H.E. Bates" (Country Fair, May 1957, 38-39).

Conradi, Peter J. "The Man From Nowhere" (The Guardian February 2, 2007)

Croft-Cooke, Rupert. "H.E. Bates" (The Sketch, May 21, 1952, 490).

De'Ath, Wilfred. "The Quiet World of H.E. Bates" (London Illustrated Magazine, May 1973, 43-44).

Depledge, David. "A Maestro Looks Back" (Books and Bookmen, July 1968, p. 19, attached)

Garnett, David. Great Friends: Portraits of Seventeen Writers, (New York: Atheneum, 1980, 204-9, attached).

"The Granary -- Little Chart" (Ideal Home, March 1949 attached)

The Great Writers (#32, c.1986-88), one or more articles on H.E. Bates, especially on Love for Lydia.

Hamblett, Charles. "Words are his Export" (Illustrated, July 10, 1948, 18-19)

"H.E. Bates Dies: British Novelist" (New York Times, January 30, 1974, 38).

Holroyd, Richard. "H.E. Bates, A Collector's Perspective" (The Private Library 5th series 8:1, Spring 2005, attached)

Howard, David. "H.E. Bates" (Book and Magazine Collector no. 171, 1998, p. 58-70).

Kirby, H.T. "H.E. Bates" (The Bookman, September 1930, September 1930, 370-71).

Kirby, H.T. "H.E. Bates" (Current Literature, October 1930, 400-402).

Leasor, James. Author by Profession (London: Cleaver-Hume, 1952).

Longmate, Norman. The Doodlebugs, London: Jonathan Cape, 1981).

Lusty, Robert. "H.E. Words Splken by Sir Robert Lusty at a Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of H.E. Bates, CBE" (privately printed pamphlet, 1974).

Machlis, Paul. "H.E. Bates -- An Appreciation" (2012)

"Mr. H.E. Bates" (Times Literary Supplement, January 24, 1935, 45, attached).

"Mr. H.E. Bates: Novelist and Writer of Short Stories" (Times, January 30, 1974).

Morgan, Louise. "H.E. Bates: A Young Man Who Prefers the Country" (Everyman, April 14, 1932, 363-64, attached).

Murray, Esther. "Writer's Home." (Woman's Journal, September 1949, attached).

Nichols, Lewis. "Talk with H.E. Bates" (New York Times Book Review, February 15, 1953, p. 14, attached).

O'Brien, Edward J. “Modern Masters of the Short Story: H.E. Bates” (Argosy,UK, December 1934)

"Portrait Gallery: H.E. Bates" (Sunday Times, July 13, 1958).

Rowland, John. "Is the Novel Dying" (John O'London's Weekly, October 9, 1953, attached)

Silver, John. "Watch Him at Work: H.E. Bates -- One-Man Kingdom?" (Argosy, May 1958, attached)

Talbot, Colin. "H.E. Bates: My Garden Saved My Life" (Popular Gardening, May 13, 1972, 25).

Urquhart, Fred. "The Work of H.E. Bates" (Life and Letters Today, December 1939, 289-93).

Ward, John. "My Friend HE" (The Oldie, March 2004, attached)

Wilson, Arnold. "No-one Knew Him as Herbert. Even my Little Girls Called him Aitchee" (Kent Messenger, February 1, 1974).

"What is the Future of the Short Story."

"Words are His Export" (Illustrated, July 10, 1948, attached).

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