This page links to web images or, with permission, displays images of H.E. Bates. More images will be added over time. In the "popular journal" section of the bibliography page are listed many articles that have photographs of Bates, his family, and his home. Similarly, a number of articles by Bates contain similar photographs (found most easily in "expert search" by limiting to "genre:essay" and "document type:autobiographical").

Note that many of the sites at "Links" contain photographs of Bates and of book covers.

National Portrait Gallery images

John Gay photographs (also at National Portrait Gallery)

Drawing of H.E. Bates by Ted Harrison (as published in Books and Bookmen, February 1972, attached)

Photograph (attached)

Drawing in display ad, New York Times (October 3, 1926, p. BR20, attached)

Drawing by David Low (Manchester Guardian (July 11, 1959, p. 6, attached).

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