Listed here are items not yet seen, bibliographical information not yet verified, or references that may lead to improvements to the Companion.

Argosy (UK) (December 1934) “Modern Masters of the Short Story: H.E. Bates” by Edward J. O’Brien.

"The Best and Worst in Life" essay published? HRC has unpublished version, cited by Baldwin.

Books of the Month, potential items (possibly BL)

Daily Telegraph May 25 1962, mentions HEB introductory essay in the programme for "tonight's Arts Ball at Folkestone, of which Lady Guilford is the chairman."

Good Housekeeping June 21 1931 (probably U.K.). H.E. writes that he has reached the 'the pinnacle, the Parnassus of writers, an article in Good Housekeeping!'

The Great Writers (#32, c.1986-88), articles on HEB & Love for Lydia.

Living, possible articles (these months as yet unexamined):
June, July, August 1969; November 1971; January 1973; February, August 1974

Royal Air Force Journal (Middle East and Indian editions) may contain pieces by H.E.

Statesman (Calcutta edition, July 10, 1945), "brilliant article on the Burma fighting" mentioned in "A Friendly Gesture" (Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer (October 17, 1945)

Sunday Dispatch, "Fire Eaters" date needs to be checked

Unidentified "national newspaper" dated May 13, 1942, article by HEB on the 30th anniversary of No. 1 Squadron, opening line: "Between them Kuttelwascher and McLachlan have brought night intruding and night fighting to a fine art." Quoted in "Night hawk: The biography of flight lieutenant Karel Kuttelwascher" by Roger Darlington.

Woman’s Own, need better date for "Love in a Wych Elm" than 1954; Moment in Time -- an installment identified in the May 1964 issue, other installments not identified.

Story: September 28, 1955 -- not a newspaper (IU)

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