Sugar for the Horse.

London: Michael Joseph, 1957. Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone.

Bates's second collection of Uncle Silas stories includes twelve tales, once again complemented by the drawings by Edward Ardizzone, and represents not only a return to the light mood of the first collection, but a suggestion of the equally playful Larkin family novels that would begin appearing the following year. Uncle Silas takes on the institutions of the church and marriage in such stories as "Queenie White," "The Foxes," "The Double Thumb," and "The Fire Eaters."

The Times refers to "Mr. Bates beautifully timed sense of humour;" the Times Literary Supplement says that "the adventures do not often come up to the level of entertainment to be expected of so expert a storyteller as Mr. Bates."

Books and Bookmen (December 1957, p. 31, David Hughes, attached)
Spectator (November 8, 1957, p. 8, Simon Raven, attached)
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Contains: Sugar for the Horse; The Bedfordshire Clanger; Queenie White; The Blue Feather; The Foxes; The Double Thumb; Aunt Tibby; The Little Fishes; The Widder; The Eating Match; The Singing Pig; The Fire Eaters.

Sugar for the Horse
Story Collection
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Michael Joseph
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Comic Fiction
First-Person Narratives
Uncle Silas Stories
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