Search Tips

The KEYWORD SEARCH at left will suffice for the majority of searches, without requiring the user to choose a specific search area.

In some cases, the keyword search is in fact the only way to retrieve information; specifically, names of authors and titles of books reviewed by Bates or discussed by him are not entered as topics and thus can only be searched in "keyword search."

Dedications can be found with keyword search "dedication".

A SEARCH OF PDFS can be made using Google Search. Paste the following in the search box, substituting your search term[s]: "search terms" filetype:pdf


More controlled results can be achieved using "Expert Search," and for that, the following information may be helpful. Note that "expert search" does not allow one to search in the descriptive text for works.

ID Number: These correspond to numbers in the Eads bibliography, with additional numbers for new items that are modeled after the Eads categories. Entries in Eads section C (essays, etc.) for chapters in collections of Bates essays are not given separate listing, unless they were published separately (for instance in serial form or in another compilation).

Title: Stories are entered with the title in first book publicaton, with cross-references from alternate titles (generally earlier serial publication).

Genre: This term encompasses broad categories of works, two of which deserve further explanation:

  • The term "novella" is assigned to works that Bates characterized as novellas, regardless of length. Note that some stories exceed in word count the shortest novella.
  • The term "essay" refers to all non-fiction pieces (articles, commentaries, forewords, introductions, letters) other than book reviews. The "Document Type" field provides additional filters for this genre. 

Page count: This figure is relatively meaningless, as page size, font size, and page design all affect the number of pages.

Word count: This figure is in all cases only a careful estimate. Words are not provided for collections of stories or essays.

Publication Date: This corresponds to the date of first publication.

Publisher: Intended to assist in tracking Bates's association with book and serial publishers; publisher names are not entered here for multiple-author collections that include a Bates piece.

Document Type: A variety of document characteristics. Note that while some document types refer to the form or style of a writing, others refer also to the content or subject matter, thus overlapping to some degree with "topics" (below).

  • Autobiographical -- fiction and non-fiction
  • Children's Literature -- works intended for a young audience
  • Comic Fiction
  • Eads, Additions to -- this category does NOT include book reviews, a category of writing never covered by Eads.
  • Evensford (setting) -- fictional works set in this town based on Rushden
  • Fantasies -- fairy-tales, fantasies, and fables
  • Film & Television -- fictional works adapted to film and television as well as screenplays by Bates -- the IMDB database is recommended for additional information
  • First-Person Narratives
  • Flying Officer X Stories
  • Full-text Online -- PDFs at bottom, or link to internet full-text
  • Introductions, Forewords, Prefaces
  • Juvenilia
  • Larkin Family Novels
  • Letters
  • Literary Criticism -- not including Book Reviews
  • Nature Writing -- Articles about gardening have been given the topic "Gardening" but not the document type "Nature Writing."
  • Organizations, Writings on Behalf of
  • Radio Dramatization (excluding simple readings)
  • Richardson (character) -- fictional works with this character based on Bates
  • Social Commentary
  • Uncle Silas Stories
  • Uncollected Stories -- fictional works that never appeared in a compilation of Bates works
  • Unexamined Writings -- a handful of items not seen by the editor
  • Unpublished Writings -- a handful of items that are included in the Companion because they are listed in the Eads bibliography

Book Review Category: Genres of books reviewed by Bates.

Topic: Selected topics that may assist users in bringing together writings that touch on similar themes. Note that some "document types" (above) overlap to some extent with "topics" in characterizing the content of a writing.